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Whitehorse 2040 - OCP Survey

This a survey for the OCP Review process.

Thanks for participating in the City of Whitehorse Official Community Plan (OCP) Review.

The OCP is the City’s top-level planning document and most important tool for guiding how land within the city is used. It contains a vision and guiding recommendations for the next 20 years of our city’s growth, until the year 2040. We need the public, stakeholder organizations, and other governments to engage with us to manage our growth.

The OCP Review, called Whitehorse 2040, starts in late 2018 and will be broken into four phases. Currently, we are in Phase 1 - “Awareness Building” - with the purpose of gathering initial visioning information from you to help set the stage for later, more detailed phases. There will be many engagement opportunities to come. A great deal of prior planning work will also feed into the new OCP.

Thank you for providing your ideas. The information collected in this survey will be used to help determine current conditions in Whitehorse and set the future direction of your city. This information will also set the stage for later phases of the OCP Review.

Please ensure you have reviewed our Whitehorse 2040 Backgrounder before continuing with this survey. For more information please visit